All features of lucky patcher app


Lucky patcher app all features


lucky patcher for android app has very interesting features and many features which are very very cool to use .

Here we will look at some of the common feature of this lucky patcher app , that you are going to have after installing this app in your android device .


Features :


1. It removes the license verification form the various apps



2. it can remove or block the google ads from the app while using it , which annoys a lot



3. it is very useful in force removing all the preinstalled applications in your android device .



4. it can move the applications to your sd card from your phone in just one click which saves your internal memory most of the time .



5. it manages the permissions of applications and can remove permissions of the application



6. one magic feature of this app is that you can install a modded play store on your android device . Which let's you install the applications which are not having the license verifiaction.



7. you can apply the custom patch to the application with help of this in order to make that particular application pro.



8. it let's you create the modified app also.


9. backup of any application data that you wanbt to make it makes it possible.


10. updates the applications very easily no need to search for the available updates by going outside


11. solve many errors of compatibilty as well by applying its custom patch .


12. also does in app purchases without letting the play store know .


13. lets you download the custom patch .


14. helps in cloning the application .


15. stops the application which does not work correctly immediately freezes it .




So that's all after downloading the app you can discover the more features . Enjoy the app .




Also if you want to know how you can download the lucky patcher for a non-rooted device got to 



download lucky patcher


download the app for experiencing these wonderful features for absolutely free . .. .. .!

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